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Let us update your Operating Room, Cath Lab, and Labor & Delivery Department with our technologically advanced and outstanding products:

Operating tables, operating lights, equipment carriers, stainless steel cabinetry, sterilizers/autoclaves, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic washers, warming cabinets, scrub sinks, supply and procedure carts, multi-purpose treatment and transport chairs, and many more. 

We proudly serve all of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and western Wyoming.

Johnson’s Medical is dedicated to providing only the finest quality medical and laboratory equipment and services to health care, colleges, and government facilities with innovative solutions at a low cost of ownership. Our team of service, sales, and project managers will work with you and your schedule to ensure that your project is successful and running efficiently. We are committed to providing only the best products and services available in the health care market to ensure a long-standing relationship that is built on mutual trust.